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Best Vegas Pools | MyVegasNET.comWhat are a comfortable lounge chair and a tropical drink, along with lush surroundings and over-the-top landscaping, doing in the middle of the desert? Attracting more people than the casinos, that’s what. Throw in some gigantic pools, cascading waterfalls, wave machines, swim up bars, water slides, and even swim-up gaming, and what you have is no longer a desert – it’s an oasis. Thankfully, they’re not as hard to find as you might think; Las Vegas is home to some of the finest pools in the world possessing all these heavenly features and more.

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Best Vegas Shopping |

Best Vegas Shopping | MyVegasNET.comWith so many ways to spend money while vacationing in Las Vegas, there’s almost no reason to gamble. And with all the city’s extravagant designer shops and high-end malls within casinos, losing your money has never been this fun.

A great first stop on any shopping spree would be the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. At three stories tall, the Forum Shops are home to 160 boutiques and 13 restaurants. You’ll find stores to satisfy the most demanding of fashion palettes; Roberto Cavalli, Versace, and Dolce & Gabana are just a few of the designers at the Forum Shops. If you need to refuel on your foray into the forum, have a taste of Miami at the world famous Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak, & Stone Crab. Even window shopping at the Forum is fun, as the mall sits underneath a beautiful man-made sky. Don’t forget to stop by the Atlantis Fountain for a free show. The statues move and talk during a recreation of the fall of Atlantis.

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Best Vegas Spas |

Best Vegas Spas | MyVegasNET.comFeeling a little stressed after taking some losses at the tables? Are you looking for a little R&R? Then reserve a treatment at one of the many spas located inside almost all of Las Vegas’ hotels. More than just a place to be beautified, these spas are designed to be mental and physical sanctuaries. Feel your cares ooze away with incredible body wraps and peels using ingredients imported from all over the world. Or indulge in a warm whirlpool, steamy sauna, or a refreshing Vichy shower. When you leave these spas, you’ll not only look great, but you’ll feel great.

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Best Vegas Bachelor Party Spots |

Best Vegas Bachelor Party Spots | MyVegasNET.comThis is it – your last night as a bachelor before descending (or ascending, depending on the way you look at it) into married life. You want your bachelorhood to go out with a bang, and there’s no better place than Las Vegas to achieve that. There are countless places you could go for a good time with the boys, but a select few specialize in making bachelor party magic.

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Best Vegas Golf |

Best Vegas Golf | MyVegasNET.comYou’d never guess that a city like Las Vegas, in the middle of a desert, would be home to a golf course, which generally commands lush greens, foliage, and a lot of water. But actually, Las Vegas is home to not one but several of the world’s most incredible golf courses. Some are even the site of PGA tournaments and playing ground for the world’s best golfers. So find a caddy, throw on your favorite golf shirt, and play a few rounds at some of Vegas’ best and brightest golf courses.

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Best Vegas Shows |

Best Vegas Shows | MyVegasNET.comAlthough there are pretty much an endless number of shows to see in Las Vegas, there are only a few must-sees. For example, no trip to Vegas would be complete with seeing at least one of the shows presented by Cirque du Soleil.

Mystère is arguably the most popular show in Las Vegas, and its dazzling display of colorful costumes mixed with unbelievably skilled acrobats is the perfect show for kids and adults alike.

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Best Vegas High Roller Spots |

Best Vegas High Roller Spots | MyVegasNET.comLas Vegas has always been one of the top vacation spots for the rich and famous. So for those who have money to burn, there are a few places in Vegas you’ll especially enjoy.

Some of the most extravagant guest rooms in town are at the Fantasy Tower of the Palms Casino Resort. Two suites there, in particular, are a popular favorite among the wealthy: the Hardwood Suite and the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa. At $25,000 per night, the Hardwood Suite features a basketball court complete with scoreboard, private locker rooms, and three massive courtside beds; you can even customize your stay with jerseys and cheerleaders on the sidelines.

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Best Vegas Celebrity Hangouts |

Best Vegas Celebrity Hangouts | MyVegasNET.comLas Vegas is known for quite a few things; bright neon lights, ample casinos, and incredible nightlife and entertainment are just a few examples. But in recent years, Las Vegas has become increasingly popular for one more thing: celebrities. Stars from the world over consider Sin City to be their playground, a place where they can burn their fortunes, relax and party in opulence, and go back to home or work the next day in Los Angeles with a minimum amount of traveling.

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Best Vegas Night Clubs |

Best Vegas Night Clubs | MyVegasNET.comIt would be the understatement of the century to say that Las Vegas has great nightclubs – in fact, it has a lot of them. Since you can’t hit them all in one night, it helps to know which ones are fun and which ones are duds. You can’t go wrong with any of the following stylish, dimly-lit nightlife gems.

Located inside the Luxor, LAX is a celebrity favorite with its beautiful design and state-of-the-art sound system (the most high-tech in all of Vegas). Backed by celebrity investors Christina Aguilera and DJ AM, LAX is adorned with red velvet drapes, antique mirrors, and chandeliers. Here, you’ll find DJ Vice and occasionally DJ AM spinning techno and top 40 hits. And with two levels of swanky club space to dance and rink in, it’s no wonder LAX is one of the hottest clubs on the Strip.

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Best Vegas Tours |

Best Vegas Tours | MyVegasNET.comThere is so much to see in Las Vegas that it’s almost impossible to see it all. With all the sights and sounds of Las Vegas and its surrounding areas, we understand that it can all be a little overwhelming. That said, it never hurts get a little help from the experts on a Las Vegas tour. Whether you’re looking to see famous landmarks, get an adrenaline rush, go on an adventure, or enjoy a serene get-away from the bustling Strip, there’s a tour that’s just right for you.

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