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A Las Vegas based media company and home of THE STRIP LIVE! (formerly The Strip View Live) positive television talk show,,, Network and Success Reflections product & service line.

VegasNET Media LLC only covers, produces and distributes positive media that inspires, motivates, educates, empowers and entertains a global audience via multiple platforms including, but not limited to television, print, audio, web, events and film.




THE STRIP LIVE! is a positive television talk show shot from fabulous Las Vegas, NV. Featuring celebrities, entrepreneurs and industry experts on their success stories, companies, products, services, advice, talent and powerful messages. The ultimate vision of the show is to inspire, motivate, educate, empower and entertain a global audience.

It is a mobile production varying from the red carpet, backstage,in-studio, on-location, live events, and behind-the-scenes. Featured show guests have included Christina Aguilera, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Donald Trump, Will.I.Am, Dennis Hopper, The Kardashians, Tony Bennett, Wayne Newton and even Bart Simpson!

The show is produced by VegasNET Media LLC and directed by the creators, executive producers and co-hosts comprised of a happily married team of Ray DuGray and Maria Ngo.



A product and service line based on success discoveries from the top celebrities, entrepreneurs, and industry experts featured on THE STRIP VIEW LIVE! positive television talk show that inspires, motivates, educates, empowers, and entertains a global audience.

The product and service line includes speaking, books, videos, audios, DVDs, downloads, calendars, posters, affirmation cards, webcasts, events, classes, etc.

* Launch and roll-out dates to be announced.




A success resource center in an online membership form at Freemium (free) and Premium (paid) levels. The membership provides a platform to showcase businesses, products, services, skills, talents and/or expertise to a global audience of success masters including top celebrities, entertainers, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, philanthropists, world leaders, business moguls, corporate executives, and industry experts.

Membership gives access to Special personal and professional development networking opportunities including, but not limited to premium success content and resources, red carpet events, book signings, movie premiers, seminars, workshops, conferences, trade shows, online trainings, webcasts, webinars and much more.




A new media digital network that broadcasts THE STRIP VIEW LIVE! positive television talk show via LIVESTREAM - a media, distribution, and technology partner of VegasNET Media LLC. encompasses ten (10) HDTV channels
with Live, Linear and 24/7 On-Demand access including:

  • BizNET™ Channel | Business & Tech Network showcasing the business and technology industry from Las Vegas.
  • CelebNET™ Channel | Celebrity Buzz Network showcasing the celebrity scene from Las Vegas.
  • FoodNET™ Channel | Dining & Culinary Network showcasing the culinary and dining industry from Las Vegas.
  • HealthNET™ Channel | Health & Wellness Network showcasing the health and wellness industry from Las Vegas.
  • IndieNET™ Channel | Independent Artists Network showcasing the film and music industry from Las Vegas.
  • ShowNET™ Channel | Arts & Entertainment Network showcasing the arts and entertainment industry from Las Vegas.
  • SportsNET™ Channel | Sports & Fitness Network showcasing the sporting and fitness industry from Las Vegas.
  • StyleNET™ Channel | Fashion & Beauty Network showcasing the fashion and beauty industry from Las Vegas.
  • TravelNET™ Channel | Travel & Leisure Network showcasing the travel and leisure industry from Las Vegas.
  • WealthNET™ Channel | Wealth & Luxury Network showcasing the wealth creation and luxury lifestyle industry from Las Vegas.




A membership site offering FREMIUM (Free) and PREMIUM (Fee) levels that provides Vegas perks to shows, attractions, accomodations, events, dining, shopping and all things Vegas related. Monthly goodies may include freebies, discounts, 2-for-1, VIP invites, red carpet invites, backstage passes, celebrity meet & greets, live show tapings and
so much more.


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About the Co-Founders

Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray are a happily married dynamic duo based in Las Vegas and founders of VegasNET Media LLC specializing in new media productions, online content syndication, and event marketing.
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Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray are the hosts and executive producers of a positive television talk show called THE STRIP LIVE! - broadcasting globally on Livestream Broadcast Network and (including 10 niche HDTV channels) along with dozens of online interactive digital television and social media networks.

Public Appearances

As TV personalities, success coaches, best-selling authors and professional speakers; Maria and Ray are available for public appearances including book signings, speaking invitations, celebrity charity events, emceeing red carpet shows and special award ceremonies. Book Now!
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