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Haunted Vegas Tour | Las Vegas | MyVegasNET.comLooking for a little fright in your night as you spend your time in Vegas? Haunted Vegas Tours is the perfect way to satisfy your paranormal obsession in some of Sin City’s darkest corners.  But beware this tour isn’t a Halloween show or a ride. It’s a legitimate parapsychology tour filled with the weirdest and scariest people you’ll ever find on the Strip!

Offered seven times a week beginning at 9:30 p.m. this spirited and cooky tour has you boarding buses to visit sites of alleged haunting, murders, macabre occurrences and other weird and unusual sites. But not before you watch a brief video introduction about ghosts themselves. Then it’s off on a two hour tour led by mortician dressed guides who sprinkle joke-riddled narrative throughout. But trust us, there’s nothing funny about this tour. In fact, if you think this is a Halloween tour or haunted ride, you’re sorely mistaken. And you’ll soon see how eerie and real this tour really is as you board the bus for a creepy trip into Las Vegas scariest places.


And while the tour is built on the strange and unusual, your tour guides also discuss various facets of Las Vegas’ history.

Guests will learn about the  ghastly apparitions spotted at Bally’s, and pass over the exact spot where Tupac Shakur was killed while hearing about what has happened in the case since then. You’ll also drive by the former home, now business that some say  actor Redd Foxx haunts, and hear a few stories about Liberace, who, some say, still appears every so often at a restaurant in the shopping plaza that bears his name.

This tour even covers such sites as "The Motel of Death", where numerous celebrity deaths have occurred, the former home of Las Vegas Legend, Bugsy Siegel and "Bugsy Siegel's Garden Walk" at the Flamingo hotel.  There is a short (optional) walking visit through a spooky haunted park, so comfortable shoes and jackets are suggested (depending on weather conditions).

There are many more ghosts and ghouls to see but you’ll just have to take the Haunted Vegas Tour to get a better idea as to what it’s like to walk amongst Las Vegas spookiest characters. Located at the Royal Resort off the Strip, guests can enjoy this spooktacular tour every night of the week. So if you love a good haunting story this just might be the tour you need…if you dare!

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