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We express our appreciation and gratitude to the following organizations that have supported our cause through their generous financial contributions and other expressions of kindness and generosity.

Please support our mission to become a leading authority in positive media by completing your contribution and business listing below.

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THE STRIP VIEW LIVE! positive television talk show operates as a Not-Just-For-Profit business under VegasNET Media LLC. As a Not-Just-For-Profit company, we acknowledge that while it's good to have a profitable business, it's essential to give back to the community and industry that supports our growth and development.

Join Our Cause | TheStripViewLive.comOne of the ways we give back is by uniting individuals and organizations to help create positive, inspirational, motivational, educational, empowering, entertaining, transformative, and world-changing media. We invite you to join our intention. Learn how you can be a part of creating new media for the 21st century.

As leaders of the new media revolution, we are inviting the world's top celebrities, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and industry experts to share their success stories via print, audio, and video media.

Our intention is to awaken people around the world as to how they might live more joyful, peaceful, loving, prosperous, rewarding, and fulfilled lives.

Through your support, we will change the face of media and therefore, our world.

Please call, write or make a donation to support this important cause.


Thank You for Your Support | TheStripViewLive.com1.) Contribute any dollar amount by mail or select from the online donation options listed.

2.) Complete your directory listing by clicking on the 'Add Entry' link at the top of this page. Complete the form and please select the main Category 'Show Supporters'. You may always change your information and adjust your category listing later. Listings do not expire so please maintain current information.

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* Contributors in the Associate Producer, Co-Executive Producer and Executive Producer categories will receive ongoing red carpet recognition and special media coverage showcasing their generosity.

When you donate to THE STRIP VIEW LIVE!, 100% of your contribution goes to creating more positive new media programming.



Tin Star Producer Level: Contribution of $10 or more

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Brass Star Producer Level: Contribution of $100 or more

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Silver Star Producer Level: Contribution of $1,000 or more
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Platinum Star Producer Level: Contribution of $10,000 or more
Titanium Star Producer Level: Contribution of $50,000 or more

    * The highest level contributors will receive special media recognition and production credits for THE STRIP VIEW LIVE!

    Associate Producers: $100,000 +

      Co-Executive Producers: $500,000 +

      Executive Producers: $1,000,000 +



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        • Make checks payable to VegasNET Media LLC c/o THE STRIP VIEW LIVE!
          and mail your check along with your information to:

          VegasNET Media LLC
          2360 Corporate Circle, Suite 400
          Henderson, NV 89074

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        THANK YOU!!!

        Maria Ngo & Ray DuGray, Hosts/Executive Producers
        THE STRIP VIEW LIVE! | Positive Television Talk Show
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        Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray are a happily married dynamic duo based in Las Vegas and founders of VegasNET Media LLC specializing in new media productions, online content syndication, and event marketing.
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        Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray are the hosts and executive producers of a positive television talk show called THE STRIP LIVE! - broadcasting globally on Livestream Broadcast Network and (including 10 niche HDTV channels) along with dozens of online interactive digital television and social media networks.

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