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canyon-dream-maverick-airline-1If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting one of America’s most beautiful natural landmarks, then check out the Canyon Dream Air and Land Tour.  Once you’ve gambled at every Las Vegas casino and seen every show on The Strip, this tour would be the perfect choice for a different view of the American Southwest and a chance to take in the gorgeous environmental sights the region has to offer. This unforgettable travel experience will provide unbeatable views of the Grand Canyon on a private excursion customized just for you.

After boarding a lovely Beechcraft 1900D aircraft, you’ll enjoy a 40 minute flight from Vegas to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. Enjoy views of the terrain below as you approach the designated World Heritage Site and its expansive 1,218,375 acres of land on the Colorado Plateau of northwest Arizona. That brief flight is only the beginning of your Grand Canyon Adventure!

Once you land on the South Rim, you will board an ECO-Star helicopter for a journey very few people get to take. Instead of standing on the ledge and peering down into the gorge below, this chopper will take you across the Grand Canyon itself for a 25 minute ride over this six-million year old geographical wonder that was considered holy by the native Pueblo Indians. As you soar about the canyon in the helicopter and fully absorb the beauty of the national park, you will understand why so many make the journey to see this natural wonder.

Once your aerial tour is complete, your next stop is at the Grand Canyon National Park. Here you can enjoy nature trails only accessible from the park as well as guided tours and a museum with Prehistoric artifacts and information on the wildlife that populates the area. Afterwards, go ahead and pick a lovely spot outside to enjoy the gourmet box lunch included with your ticket price. It’s a great opportunity to see an eagle or the endangered California Condor soaring through the sky.

From your departure to your return to the hotel, this seven hour experience will create memories that will last you and your guests a lifetime. Make sure you check out’s special offer on this unforgettable tour.
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